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I spent my 4 years of High School doing, seeing and reading as much theater as I could. I ended up going to school about 4 and half hours away in upstate New York to get my BFA in Musical Theatre at Ithaca College. I graduated in May 2022 and went right into doing children's theatre and auditioning. I love theatre, but in my free time I love listening country music, playing the guitar, experimenting with makeup and spending my time speaking out against fatphobia while helping teenagers feel body positive. I want to make a difference in the world and theatre gave me the confidence to be me and I want to give that back to the world. 


Hi! My name is Sami Blake and I am from Plainsboro, New Jersey. The upside for me living in New Jersey was being an hour away from NYC! The first show I saw was Newsies and from that moment on I knew that was something I wanted to do. Something I wanted to be a part of in ANY capacity. I didn't always do theatre. I played softball for most of my life and then did my first show (thank you Seussical the musical!) and Everything changed. I like to say theatre really found me when I needed it. 


I am specifically interested in strong contemporary female roles and comedic style roles. I thrive in roles that are both young and quirky and strong and powerful. I enjoy singing in the pop rock style and had the opportunity to be in my dream show Rent at Ithaca College.


I am a strong mover who just loves to dance whenever and wherever I can. I improv and choreograph a bit and it's been something I have always loved to do. 

Thank you so much for visiting my website! Enjoy!

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